Knox Ramsey


Knox Ramsey Wagner ( born February 13, 1926 in Speed ​​, Indiana, USA; † 19 March 2005 in Richmond, Virginia), nicknamed Bulldog was a U.S. American football player. He played as a guard in the National Football League ( NFL), among others, the Chicago Cardinals.


Knox Ramsey was born the son of a Methodist preacher. Like his older brother, Buster Ramsey, he studied at the College of William & Mary, where he played for the football team as a guard. In 1948 he was drafted by the Chicago Bears in the fifth round of 32 place. Ramsey decided but to sign a contract with the Los Angeles Dons, a team of All-America Football Conference ( AAFC ), a rival league of the NFL, who had pulled him into the AAFC Draft in the ninth round of 37 place. The AAFC had to adjust its 1949 match operation. Many players of the AAFC joined the NFL in 1950 and Ramsey pulled in a scheduled by the NFL Extra Draft by the San Francisco 49ers, but delivered immediately to the Chicago Cardinals. The Cardinals were coached by Curly Lambeau and had also the brother of Knox Ramsey Buster Ramsey under contract. After his brother had ended his career in 1951, joined Knox Ramsey in 1952, first to the Philadelphia Eagles to yet to the Washington Redskins in the same year to be where Curly Lambeau had now taken over as coach. After the 1953 season, Knox Ramsey ended his career due to injury.

After the NFL

Knox Ramsey moved to his playing career after Ditchley, Virginia, where he was a successful businessman in the metal and chemical industries. He was married and had three children.