KNSM Island

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KNSM - eiland ( KSNM Island ) is a neighborhood and an island in the municipality of Amsterdam Oost ( North Holland ) in the " Eastern Docklands " (eastern port area ). The district had 2470 inhabitants (as of early 2012 ) on a land area of ​​14 hectares.


The KNSM island was created in the late 19th century as a breakwater in the Amsterdam IJ, as well as the subsequent island of Java - eiland. It was later used as a harbor area. 1903, this area was site of the shipping company " Koninklijke Nederlandse Maatschappij Stoomboot - " (short: KNSM ). The abbreviation of the company was the name of the island.

The KNSM shipping company was from 1856 to 1981 and 1977, the company moved away from the island. In the 1980s the island by squatters and artists was populated. The actual residential area was developed in the 1990s, according to the plan of the Dutch architect Jo Coenen, who also built the great rotunda Emerald Empire on the eastern tip of the island. The plan included, among others, two large apartment blocks with a length of 170 meters and 60 meters wide with 300 social rented housing. One of them named Piraeus built the German architect Hans Kollhoff, the other is named Barcelona and was designed by the Belgian architect Bruno Albert. Noteworthy is also the skyscraper Sky Dome of Wiel Arets with a height of 60 meters, with 22 floors, 20 of which five identical apartments accommodation.

Many older harbor buildings have been preserved. These include the KNSM canteen and " Loods 6" ( scales 6). He was purchased for the token sum of one guilder of the City of Amsterdam for the artists living there.

The "Project Group Eastern Zone " examined in 2000, the living conditions on the island. So there were 76 % of the population of single-person households and households without children, 18% of families with children.

The first Amsterdam wine market ( " Amsterdamse Wijnmarkt " ) took place on the KNSM island on May 22, 2011.

You can reach the KNSM island by local bus ' Lijn 65 "(line 65), which runs from the Rivierenbuurt, the Amsterdam Amstel Station, Watergraafsmeer and the Indian Buurt ( Indian Quarter ) for KNSM island. In addition, since 2004 the streetcar (tram ) No 10 to Azartplein on KNSM island.