Knud Lange

Knud Lange ( born May 9, 1984 in Bremerhaven ) is a German rower and athlete of the year in the state of Bremen.


Long studied at the University of Bremen. He rowed for the Bremerhaven rowing club in the lightweight quadruple sculls for Germany, a boat class in which he won at the World Rowing Championships several World Championship medals:

  • World Cup 2006 at the Dorney Lake at Eton (UK ): Silver medal with Kai Anspach, Martin back Brodt, Knud Lange, Christoph Schregel.
  • World Cup 2007 at the Olympic Rowing Course near Munich: Fourth Place
  • Championship 2008 in Linz / Ottenheim: bronze medal with Stephan Schad, Knud Lange, Felix Övermann and Michael Wieler.
  • World Cup 2009 on the Malta Lake in Poznan in Poland: Silver medal with Knud Lange, Lars Wichert, Felix Övermann, Michael Wieler.

He had also recorded several racing success, among other things for international students regattas for the Bremen High School roller by the Association for High School Sports ( VfH ) at the University of Bremen, among others the gold medal at the European Championships 2011 in Moscow students.

From 2006 to 2008, he was three times awarded the Bremen State Athlete of the Year. His brother is the rower Joos Lange. Both belong to the club for high school sports; 2010 and 2011 Team of the Year in the state of Bremen.

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