Knut Fridell

Knut Fridell ( born September 8, 1908 in Uddevalla, † February 3, 1992 ) was a Swedish wrestler. He was European champion in 1934 and 1936 Olympic champion in the light heavyweight in free style.


Knut Fridell grew up in his home town of Uddevalla and began as a teenager at the sports club IS ( Idrottssällskap ) Uddevalla with the rings. He was active here in the two styles of Greco-Roman style and free style. In the course of his career, it became apparent that he will be successful on the international wrestling mat in free style, so he focused on international championships on that style. Later Knut Fridell also wrestled for Orion BK Karlstad.

In 1932 he took in Stockholm at a major international tournament in Greco-Roman. Style part in the middleweight division. He took it behind his compatriots Axel Cadier and Ivar Johansson 3rd place. All three wrestlers, Fridell, Cadier and Johansson, four years later in Berlin Olympic champion. Ivar Johansson was even 1932 's double Olympic champion in Los Angeles.

1934 defeated Knut Fridell at the European Championships in Stockholm in free style light heavyweight Stanley Bissell from Great Britain, Charles Engelhardt from Germany and Edvard Virag of Hungary, and thus became European Champion. In the same year he defeated in a dual lands fight in Helsinki, the Finnish top wrestler in free style Aukusti Sihvola and Jussi Juhola.

His next start at an international championship had Knut Fridell again until 1936, because Axel Cadier was at the European Championships in 1935 in two styles at the start. At the Olympic Games in Berlin, he, however, was well prepared by trainer Robert Oksa, in excellent shape and has been with wins over August Neo, Estonia, Matti Lahti, Finland, Edvard Virag, Hungary and Ray Clemons, USA in superior style Olympic champion in the light heavyweight division in free style.

After the Olympic Games in Berlin Knut Friedell professional wrestler was. After his time as a professional wrestler, he returned to Uddevalla and lived there as a businessman or retired.

International success

(OS = Olympic Games, European Championship EM =, GR = Greco-Roman style, F = free style, Mi = middleweight, Hs = light heavyweight, then to 79 kg or 87 kg body weight)