Knut Schubert

Knut Schubert ( born September 9, 1958 in Bautzen ) is a German figure skater and figure skating coach, especially for sports couples.


Knut Schubert began nine years ago with the figure skating. He competed for the SC Dynamo Berlin and was trained by Heidemarie Steiner -Walther. He was a couple runners and first ran with his sister, Katja Schubert. Later he started with Birgit Lorenz.

After his playing career, he studied figure skating Sport Sciences at the DHfK Leipzig. He is now head coach pair of running with A- license the SC Berlin.

As a coach, he worked on the sports couples Peggy Black and Alexander King, Peggy Schwarz and Mirko Muller, Mariana Kautz and Norman Jeschke, Mikkeline Kierkgaard and Norman Jeschke and Sarah Jentgens and Mirko Müller. In the early 1990s he edited the ice dance Kati Winkler and René Lohse. As a coach, he moved from Berlin to Dortmund and trained there at first the couple Rebecca Handke and Daniel turn (until 2007), Ekaterina Wassiliewa and Daniel turn (until 2008 ) and Mari - Doris Vartmann and Florian Just ( until 2009).

Since then he has trained Mari - Doris Vartmann and Aaron Van Cleave now back in Berlin. This pair he trained volunteers.

Knut Schubert is married and has two children. His daughter Pauline Schubert was also a figure skater.


( Unless otherwise stated, Birgit Lorenz )

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