Koberovice ( German Koberowitz ) is a municipality in the Czech Republic. It is located nine kilometers north-west of Humpolec and belongs to Okres Pelhřimov.


Koberovice located in the Bohemian-Moravian Highlands right side above the valleys of Želivka and its tributary creek Lohenický. Southeast of the hill Ve Vrchu rises (504 m). West of the village runs the highway D 1 / E 50 / E 65, exit 81, one kilometer south of Koberovice. Beyond the highway extends the storage space of the dam Švihov, which extends to the Bělský Dvůr.

Neighboring towns are Hojanovice in the north, Chvalkovice, Podivice and Bělice in the northeast, Buci, Kaliště, Hladov and Lohenice in the east, Podolí, Holušice and Speřice the southeast, Lísky, Houka and Miletín in the south, Bělský Dvůr and Otavožaty the southwest, Hroznětice in the West and Chalupy, Vojslavice and Mesnik in the northwest.


The first mention of Koberovice place in the year 1341st

After the abolition of patrimonial Koberovice formed in 1850 a part of the community Vojslavice in the District Commission Německý Brod. 1897: the municipality Koberovice, from 1910 it belonged to the district Humpolec. 1961 Koberovice was assigned to the Okres Pelhřimov. In the late 1960s, construction began on the dam Švihov, by sinking the west of the village located deep cut in the romantic valley of the river bends Želivka to Biela mill from 1976 in a reservoir. On October 4, 1973, the incorporation of Lohenice including Hladov was. At the beginning of 1974 was Lísky, which had previously belonged to Holušice, umgemeindet after Koberovice.

Community structure

The municipality consists of the villages Koberovice Koberovice ( Koberowitz ) Lísky ( Liskei ) and Lohenice ( Lohenitz ) and the local documents Bělský Dvůr ( Bielahof ) Chvalkovice ( Chwachowsky ) Hladov ( Hladow ) Podolí ( Podoly )


  • Chapel on the village square of Koberovice built in the 18th century
  • Chapel in Lohenice
  • Chapel in Lísky
  • Yard Bělský Dvůr
  • Listed Linden