Kodiak (Alaska)

Kodiak Iceland Borough


Kodiak is a city in the eastern part of the eponymous Kodiak Island in the U.S. state of Alaska. It is the administrative center of Kodiak Iceland Borough.


From 1792 to 1808 Kodiak was the seat of the central administration, and 1867 second-largest settlement of Russian America. At this time the Russian Orthodox Church in the village as well as the Baranov Museum remember. It is housed in the oldest wooden building in Alaska, which formerly served as a fur warehouse.

Economy and Transport

Kodiak is the main town of Kodiak Iceland in the southwest and home to the largest fishing fleet in Alaska. The so-called Bear watching is one of the main attractions and is done as part of organized tours. For the most part, visitors are flown by seaplane in the hard to reach areas where the bears are at home.

Tourism and Sport

In addition to the many sports fishermen and visitors who want to see bears, there are other events such as organized by KMXT Public Radio for Kodiak marathon.

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Jason Everman, guitarist