Kodiak Island

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The 8975 km ² large Kodiak Island is located in the Pacific Ocean off the southern coast of Alaska (USA). It belongs to the Kodiak Borough Iceland.

As the largest island of the Kodiak Archipelago and the second largest island of the United States it is located south of Shelikof Strait, which separates the island from the mainland. The mountains of the island rise to 1,353 m high. On Kodiak live 13,592 inhabitants ( U.S. Census 2010), of which: 55.3 % White, 13.2% " Native Americans ", 19.6 % Asian (mainly Filipinos ), 0.7 % African American, 7.6 % with more than one ethnicity (of which 4.2% partly " Native Americans "). The capital of the island is the town of Kodiak, which is located on the east coast. In the southwest of the Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge occupies about two- thirds of the island surface.

The Kodiak Island was the first place a permanent settlement of Russian colonists in Alaska. On the island there is the Orthodox Theological Seminary St. Herman, is formed in the new priests of the Orthodox Church in America.

The island is home to the Kodiak bear named after her. On the island there is a rocket launch site, the Kodiak Launch Complex.

Only slightly further northwest, the small Afognak Iceland and southwest is the Trinity Islands.