Kohlbach (Ammer)

The coal stream near the Great Ammer sources

The Kohlbach is a left tributary of the river Ammer south-west of Oberammergau in Upper Bavaria.


The Kohlbach arises as Kälberalpgraben on the Kälberalm ( 1445 m) west of the summit of the Teufelstättkopfes. It flows south across some giant steps. In Graswangtal it changes its flow direction to the east and is called Kohlbach. It runs parallel to Linder in a wooded area. In Graswang his creek bed where the Linder approaches down to 30 meters. Afterwards, he is reinforced by smaller sources. In the water you can watch the rising of bubbles. The water of the springs there springing comes in part from the west percolating Linder. North of the Great Ammer sources it flows from the left in the Ammer.


In the forested areas on Kohlbach can be observed on the water sporadically the kingfisher (Alcedo athis ) and regular dippers ( Cinclus cinclus ).