Kojima Engineering

Kojima was a 1976 and 1977 active in Formula 1 racing team. In both years, the team launched exclusively at the Japanese Grand Prix in Fuji.

1976 was the team with only one rider at the start. At the last race of the season in Japanese Fuji Japanese Masahiro Hasemi started in the Ford -Cosworth DFV driven Kojima KE007 from 10th and was in the rain chaos eleventh. The fastest race lap also went into this race to Hasemi, however, was his time also the only -evaluated lap time of the race.

The following year, sat Kojima Noritake Takahara one. Also connected to the V8 engine from Ford -Cosworth in the rear, the Japanese launched a Kojima KE009 and was of 19 starting place from the race due to an accident do not end. The customer team Heros Racing Corporation also began an identical vehicle in the same race. Kazuyoshi Hoshino finished the race from eleventh place start on the eleventh. After the end of the season a passing car on the German team Kauhsen was considered; Willi Kauhsen but ultimately opted for the development of an own vehicle.

After 1977, the team entered the Formula 1 is no longer in appearance but was not until the 1980s in the Japanese Formula 2 at the start. The main focus was from 1978 to powerboat race.