Kokubunji Station


  • Chūō Main Line


  • Tamako Line
  • Kokubunji Line


The Kokubunji Station (Japanese国 分 寺 駅, Kokubunji -eki ) is located in the city of Kokubunji in Tokyo. Kokubunji is served by the Chūō Main Line of JR East and Tamako and the Kokubunji Line Seibu tetsudō. In 2006, a daily average of 104 866 persons took advantage of the JR line and 114 917 people, the Seibu lines at this station.

Design and tracks

The JR station has four tracks, which are used by two island platforms from. It is built in the most common form railway station, the transit station. The Seibu lines are each served by a single track from.


JR Station is available here since 1889. 1894 has the Kokubunji Line, 1928 Tamako Line started operation. Since 1988, the JR Station is expanded to four tracks.