Kolan is a municipality in Croatia in the Zadar County.

Location and population

Kolan is located in the heart of the island of Pag. It is the only settlement in the interior of the island. The municipality of Kolan ( 379 inhabitants) is still one of the village Mandre with 395 inhabitants and the hamlet Kolanjski Gajac with 17 residents. From Kolan you can discover the highest mountain, Sveti Vid ( 348m ) climb.


Kolan is known mainly through the Pag cheese. This pure sheep's milk cheese is traditionally used as a starter. The milk for this particular cheese comes from a free-living, midgets ovine, which is grown on the mountain areas of the island. Storms bring to these mountain areas salt. This salt is used together with the sage and immortelle, from which especially the seizure of the sheep eaten and gives the unmistakable aroma. The young cheese is available between late winter to early spring. This is smoother and easier. The old cheese, however, is few and far between because of its demand. The old cheese is hard and you used in mainly for cooking.