Komjatice (Hungarian Komját ) is a large municipality in the Nové Zámky Okres within the Nitriansky kraj in Slovakia.

The place is located in the Danubian Lowland on the river Mala Nitra ( represents the old river course of Nitra ), the town center is located at an altitude of 130 m nm traffic default, the Komjatice by the main road 64 and the railway line Nové Zámky - Prievidza developed and is about 8 km north of Šurany, 18 km north of Nové Zámky and 19 km south of Nitra away.

Komjatice was first mentioned in 1256 as Kamnati writing.

Until 1918 the town belonged in the county Neutra the Kingdom of Hungary, then came to the newly formed Czechoslovakia. 1938-45 he was on the basis of the First Vienna Award again in Hungary.

The population is, according to the Census 2001 (4.207 inhabitants) from 98.1 % Slovaks, 0.7 % Hungarians, 0.5% Czechs and others. Almost all residents ( 95.1 %) reported their religious affiliation as Roman Catholic.