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Kongsvinger is a city and municipality in the Norwegian province (county ) Hedmark. The small town is situated on the Glomma, Norway's largest river. 2004 Kongsvinger celebrated the 150th anniversary of the city.

Landmark of the city is Kongsvinger fortress, whose construction 1681/82 began. It was used to defend against Sweden. Today it can be visited.

In April 1940, immediately after the German occupation of Norway, the city was the site of important battles against the occupiers. Its proximity to the Swedish border Kongsvinger was also in the further course of an important bridgehead, both for Norwegian refugees and the Norwegian resistance.

Kongsvinger is home to the Norwegian Women's Museum, which was opened in 1996 by Queen Sonja.

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Dagny Juel (1867-1901), Norwegian writer
  • Ståle Solbakken ( born 1968 ), Norwegian football coach
  • Tone Wolner (born 1978 ), Norwegian Women's Handball
  • Goals Andreas Gundersen ( born 1986 ), Norwegian football player
  • Levi Henriksen (born 1964 ), Norwegian writer