The brewery Koblenz (formerly Königsbacher brewery) is a brewery in Koblenz, which is led by the Koblenz Brauerei GmbH. It started the traditional brewery in 1689 with the brewing of beer in the "Old Brewery " in the old town of Koblenz. 1885, the brewing operation to the king brook in the south of Koblenz was laid directly on the Rhine. Since 1992, the Königsbacher brewery belonged to the group of companies of Karl mountain brewery. On 1 January 2010, the Bitburger Holding took over the national distribution and marketing rights of the beer brands " Königsbacher " and " Cute Precious Pils ", the international brand and sales rights were, however, continue to Karlberg. On January 1, 2012 Karl Berg sold the brewery at King Bach to individuals from Koblenz.


The brewery Koblenz is located in the south of Koblenz, in the district of pride rock. The former name Königsbacher was derived from the king brook, which flows directly to the brewery into the Rhine. The Federal Highway 9, lies close to the brewery. It also has on the left Rheinstrecke own railway operating agency by the name of King Bach ( b Chapel pride rock). There is on the Rhine side track another track joined, can be loaded on the trains.


A first brewery was founded in 1689 in the "Old Brewery " in the old town of Koblenz. In the former " town hall Monreal " has now been brewed independently of the Koblenzern beer. The basis was the beer privilege of Elector Lothar von Metternich of 1608, in which the city of Koblenz was given the right to own production of beer. After the French occupation of Koblenz 1814 Johann Steel took over the brewery.

The " Old Brewery " was purchased in 1884 by Josef Thillmann. This founded in 1885 the " brewery Josef Thillmann " and moved the production site to the present location on King Bach in the south of Koblenz.

In 1900 the company changed its name to the "King Brauerei AG " to and acquired in the same year the " Prümm ` sche brewery " in Niedermendig. This was followed in 1913, buying the " Nassauer Union Brewery " in Nassau ( Lahn), and in 1938, the acquisition of " J. Bubser brewery to Cute " in white tower. The latter had 1914-1923 acquired the rights of the brewery breweries " Leifert " in Andernach, " Volz " in Dierdorf, " Masson " in Hille home and brewery of the Moravian Church in Neuwied and incorporated into the brewery to Nice. 1965 bought the brewery Königsbacher the " Gebr Fuchs - Kirchberger Brauhaus " in Kirchberg ( Hunsrück) and 1971 the majority of the " Stag Brewery AG "in Dusseldorf.

The tank house was built in 1970 by King Bacher is one of the largest in Europe. In 1974, the commissioning of a fully automated filling system for stainless steel barrels, the first of its kind in Germany, and in 1974 its own sewage treatment plant was put into operation. The connection to the corporate network of Karlberg brewery followed in 1992. Since 1997 Cute Edelpils is brewed in the Königsbacher.

In 2010, the Bitburger Holding took over the distribution and marketing rights of the beer brands " Königsbacher " and " Cute Precious Pils ". However, the production facility remained at the brewery in Koblenz, which belonged to continue Karlberg. There also should be brewed and bottled beers, which were previously produced in the Karlberg Brewery in the French Saverne and were destined for foreign markets. The Zischke brand remained even at Karlberg.

On January 1, 2012 Karl Berg sold the brewery at King Bach together with the brand Zischke Egon Heckmann, managing partner of the Rhenser mineral spring, and to Isabell Schulte- Wissermann ( lawyer). The two owners founded the brewery Koblenz GmbH. The contracts with the Bitburger brewery on the brands and distribution rights remain valid. As early as December 7, the beers the brewery Koblenz GmbH were commercially available. These beers are marketed under the name Koblenz and are available as pilsner or wheat.


  • Koblenz Pils
  • Koblenz Pilsner alcohol free
  • Koblenz wheat
  • Koblenz wheat alcohol-free
  • Koblenz Bock Beer
  • Koblenz Radler ( barrel bottle)
  • Koblenz Energy Dose
  • Zischke Kellerbier
  • Königsbacher Pilsener
  • Königsbacher export
  • Königsbacher 1689
  • Cute Edelpils
  • Königsbacher cyclists

Königsbacher Brauerei GmbH & Co KG from 2010

As of 2010, the corporate structure of the King Brauerei GmbH & Co. KG greatly changed. Since the year 1992, the company belonged to Charles Berg Management Association. He sold in 2010, the brand and sales rights of Königsbacher Brauerei GmbH & Co KG for beers with the brand name Königsbacher and Cute at the Bitburger Brewery Group. On January 1, 2012 Karl Berg also sold the brewery in Koblenz to private investors.


The Königsbacher brewery sponsors a range of cultural events, such as the National Garden Show 2011 in Koblenz, and various sports clubs including the fencing club Königsbacher SC Koblenz.

Coat of arms

The coat of arms Königsbacher brewery is characterized by a crown, a cross and the typical Königsbacher glass. The crown is the sign of the Virgin Mary, patroness of the city of Koblenz. The cross, which is also found in the coat of arms of Koblenz, refers to the coat of arms of the Electorate of Trier and bearing witness to the former affiliation. Decorated with an ear of barley beer glass at the top represents the purity law, according to which the beers are brewed.


  • 2010: DLG gold medal for the Königsbacher Pilsener and 1689
  • 2009: DLG gold medal for the Königsbacher 1689
  • 2008: DLG gold medal for the Königsbacher Pilsener and the Königsbacher 1689, silver medal for the Zischke Kellerbier
  • 2007: DLG gold medal for the Königsbacher Pilsener