Konkan Railway

The Konkan Railway is a Opened in January 1998, railway line between the Indian cities of Roha and Mangalore. It is part of the connection Mumbai - Mangalore. The track with a length of 760 kilometers, passing through the Indian states of Maharashtra, Goa and Karnataka.

The route is through single track and not electrified. Alternatives are located at distances of about 15 kilometers. On the whole length there are only two branches in Goa. Basically, on the track with trains normally used outside the rainy season, a top speed of 110 km / h down - because of the frequent delays at train crossings, however, the average travel speed is reduced significantly.

While most rail lines were built in the Indian subcontinent by the British colonial power, this railway line, which was built until 1998 by an Indian director an exception as

One reason for the very late construction is likely to be the route on the western slopes of the Western Ghats. Although this mountain range falls consistently from an altitude of 1000 m or more craggy and rugged into the sea, most of the railway line runs at an altitude of only 25 m above sea level. To enable this route, possibly valleys were utilized were connected to a number of tunnels. Only near Ratnagiri high viaducts ( viaducts ) were built to carry relatively high running stretches across ravines over.

On the route is a rolling road ( RORO ), can avoid the parallel curvy and steep federal highway NH17 with trucks offered.

Bridge over the Zuari, Goa ( 1319 m)

RORO train