Konkani language

Spoken in

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Kok ( macro language )

Included Single Languages:

  • Gom ( Goan Konkani )
  • Knn ( standard Konkani )

Konkani ( कोंकणी ) is originally a dialect of Marathi, which is mainly spoken in Goa. He has, however, undergone a development process and can therefore be considered as a separate language. Since more than 400 years Goa was a Portuguese colony, Konkani has received many Portuguese expressions. But there are also influences of the languages ​​of the neighboring state of Karnataka ( Kannada ) and elements of the Hindi noticeable, as well as influences from English.

Konkani in Goa has official status and is known as the national language in the Constitution of India.

Konkani is usually written in Devanagari, but can also be represented in the Latin alphabet.