Konrad KM-011

The Konrad KM -011 was developed by Konrad Motorsport for the World Sportscar Championship in 1991 prototype, of which only one copy was built.


After the FIA decided to permit, as of the 1992 season, only the 3.5-liter naturally aspirated in the World Sportscar Championship and the tried and true Porsche 962C with turbocharged engine thus did not meet the regulations, many teams had to look for an alternative. Konrad Motorsport chose a self-construction and won Lamborghini as an engine supplier. After the Italians had in 1986 tried unsuccessfully to establish himself with the Countach QVX in Group -C2, they now saw a good chance for a return to the World Sportscar Championship. Because due to the new engine regulations of the Lamborghini 3512 3.5L V12 could be used, which were used in Formula 1 by Ligier and Modena Lambo.

Racing applications

Completed was the KM -011 for the fifth round of the World Sportscar Championship in 1991 at the Nürburgring. There he was tried for the first time in qualifying, but the team went no timed rounds. For the race, the duo Franz Konrad and Stefan Johansson qualified one last time with the Porsche 962C, which had been used since the beginning of the season.

When asked about his first impressions replied team boss and driver Franz Konrad. "The Lamborghini 12 cylinder is of course a fantastic engine And all the handling is just like a Formula car, soon drives like a go-kart, so it is really an no comparison to the Porsche. (Note: Porsche 962C ) you have to get used to even think about it, you go in the first round even a little zigzags I have to say the first impression was very good, I feel tremendously well in the car.. "

In the last three races of the season Konrad Motorsport only went to the KM -011. However, the car was plagued by reliability problems large and Konrad / Johansson few rounds were generally far.

Between races in Mexico and Indianapolis car flew Konrad Motorsport, the KM -011 back to Europe, where Franz Konrad participated in Zeltweg in the last race of the Inter - season series. He completed his first race from seventh in the second race, he did not see the checkered flag. He finished second in the addition of the two runs to 16th place, which earned him any points.

For 1992, Konrad Motorsport wrote a while for the World Sportscar Championship, but never served. As provided drivers were Franz Konrad and Bob Wollek.

The start of the second race for inter- series at the Nürburgring was the only start of the Konrad KM -011 1992., Where only drove Franz Konrad, the third and finished the first run in the second race in fourth place, and thus collected eleven championship points. Thus he closed the drivers' championship and the team title as the 14th until rank 17.


SWC 1991:

  • 6th round: Magny -Cours - failure ( defective starter )
  • 7th round: Mexico - Failure ( Transmission )
  • Round 8: Auto Polis - failure ( suspension damage)

Inter Series 1991:

  • 7th round: Zeltweg - 16th Place 1st race: 7th place
  • Race 2: Failure

Inter Series 1992:

  • 2nd run: Nürburgring - 4th place Race 1: 3rd place
  • Race 2: 4th place