Konrad von Feuchtwangen

Conrad II of wet cheeks ( * before 1230, † July 4, 1296 in Prague) was the 13th Grand Master of the Teutonic Order from 1290 to 1296.

He came from a Frankish knights in space Ansbach Dinkelsbühl.

1258/1264 to find the first mention as " frater Conrad de Viuchtban / Vuchtwang ". He was Commander of Zschillen ( change near Chemnitz ), 1279-1280 Landmeister in Prussia, 1279-1281 Landmeister in Livonia, 1284-1290 German master, 1287 Commander of Mergentheim.

1291 was the city fortress of Acre, where there was previously the headquarters of the Order, conquered by the Mamluks. Subsequently, the Order moved its headquarters to Venice.

Konrad of wet cheeks was buried in the German monastery church of Dobrovítov ( Dobrowitow ) at Caslau in Bohemia.