Konstantin Vyrupayev

Konstantin Grigorjewitsch Wyrupajew (Russian Константин Григорьевич Вырупаев; born October 10, 1930 in Irkutsk, † October 31, 2012 ) was a Soviet wrestler. He was Olympic champion in 1956 in Melbourne.


Konstantin Wyrupajew was a Russian, who grew up in the area of the Siberian Irkutsk. As a teenager, he began to struggle and was a student member of " Burewestnik " Irkutsk. He developed into an outstanding wrestler in the Greco- Roman style. He did, however, until 1956, before he became Soviet champion bantamweight for the first time and thus to participate in the Olympic Games qualifying in Melbourne. There, with the Olympic victory was a very successful start to his international career Ringer. He was defeated in Melbourne, although in his first fight the Romanians Francisc Horvath on points, but won all his other fights. Since Horvath retired prematurely after a defeat against Sweden Edvin Vesterby the way for Wyrupajew was paved for winning the gold medal.

1957 was subject Wyrupajew at the Soviet bantamweight championship against Oleg Karavayev, who represented the Soviet Union at the only World Cup held in the Greco -Roman style from 1956 to 1960 in Budapest in 1958. In the Soviet Cup in 1960 Konstantin Wyrupajew ranked featherweight behind Mirabi Guduschauri from Tbilisi and ahead of Vladimir Staschkewitsch the second place, but was nominated for the Olympic Games in Rome. In Rome Wyrupajew could not fully convince, but won thanks to a good draw for the bronze medal in the featherweight. Immediately after these Olympics traveled the German national team of wrestlers to three countries fighting in the Soviet Union. In one of these countries fighting Konstantin Wyrupajew shouldered the German representative Hans- Peter Bauer from Riegelsberg.

1961 Wyrupajew Spartakiadesieger the Soviet union organization. In 1962 he represented the Soviet Union at the World Championships in Toledo / USA. He remained unbeaten in five fights, missed the world title but due to a tie against Imre Polyák from Hungary.

From 1963 Konstantin Wyrupajew could no longer prevail in the Soviet Union against the new stars Gennadi Sapunov and Roman Rurua. But he struggled in 1964 nor in two countries fighting the Soviet Union in Italy and was doing shoulder victor over Schiano and Ferderzoni.

International success

(OS = Olympic Games, WM = World Championship, GR = Greco-Roman style, Ba = bantamweight, featherweight = Fe, then to 57 kg or 62 kg body weight)


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