The Kopaonik ( Serbian Cyrillic Копаоник ) is a mountain range in southern Serbia, about 260 km south of Belgrade. The southern part of the mountain is located in Kosovo and extends thence to Kosovska Mitrovica. With a length of 120 km and a maximum width of 60 km, it is the largest mountain range in Serbia. However, the highest mountain of Kopaonik, the vrh Pancicev is not the highest mountain in Serbia, with 2017 m height.

The mountain is good for summer and winter sports, the reasons are the snow from around 160 days a year and over 200 sunny days a year. That is why, the mountain also known as the " mountain of the sun and the snow ." In Kopaonik are geysers and waterfalls, including the Jelovarnik, the highest waterfall in Serbia.

On the Kopaonik ski center was established in the 1970s, which has been modernized and extended in 2006, and in the 1980s a national park. The mountains we used by tourism.


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43.28527777777820.8125Koordinaten: 43 ° 17 ' N, 20 ° 49 ' E

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