Korolev (lunar crater)


The large crater Korolev is approximately in the center of the moon back.

  • Selenografische coordinates of the center of the crater 5 ° S, 157 ° West
  • Diameter of about 420 km
  • Named after the Russian missile chief designer Sergei Korolev ( 1907-1966 ).

The large crater has the shape of a huge double ring, the inner ring has nearly 200 km in diameter and has a negative circular gravity anomaly (negative Mascon ), which varies around the strongly positive. Inside the formation, there are several smaller craters, including two with more than 50 km in diameter.

Exactly the same form of the double ring is also found in the south or east -lying giant craters and Apollo Hertzsprung. Likewise, the three major structures of the moon back of similarities in the gravity picture ( also weaker on Mare Orientale ), which points to related histories.