Kotohira (Kagawa)

Kotohira (Japanese琴 平 町, -chō ) is a town in the district of Kagawa Prefecture Nakatado in Japan. Mayor is Masaomi Yamashita (2006 ). The city was named after an ancient sea god, Kotohiragu named.


The average temperature is 16.7 ° C at an average annual rainfall of 817.5 mm.


The city is known as the site of the largest Shinto shrine complex on the island of Shikoku, the Kotohira- gū (also Kompira- san ).

In addition to the Kotohira- gū is in the city of Japan oldest surviving Kabuki theater, Kanamaruza.

Every year on October 10, there is in the city a great feast.

Adjacent Cities and Towns

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