Kovalam ( Malayalam: കോവളം, Kovalam, is [ ko ː ʋəɭʌm ] ) is a beach town in the southwestern Indian state of Kerala. It lies on the coast of the Arabian Sea 13 kilometers south of Thiruvananthapuram, the capital of Kerala, and is part of the Thiruvananthapuram District

Kovalam is the most important beach resort of Kerala and is a popular destination for both tourists and wealthy western Indians. The sandy beach of Kovalam refers to a length of approximately two kilometers in an arc and is separated from the sea a protruding rock formation in two sections, the Lighthouse Beach and Hawah Beach. North and south are a little further away from other smaller beaches. In the hinterland of the beaches to sprawling coconut groves extend. The Lighthouse Beach is named after a lighthouse, which is located well visible on a rock above the beach. At the Lighthouse Beach, there is a car-free tourist promenade, to which most of them have hotels and restaurants concentrated.

Kovalam was originally a small fishing village and was then discovered by European backpackers. Since the mid- 1990s, Kovalam has also become a destination for package tourists. In addition to the beach vacation, there are the numerous ayurvedic spa and treatment services that attract Western tourists.