Kovilj monastery

The monastery Kovilj (Serbian Manastir Kovilj / Манастир Ковиљ ) is a monastery of the Serbian Orthodox Church. The facility is located in the village of Kovilj near Novi Sad in the autonomous province of Vojvodina in Serbia, located on an old, left tributary of the Danube. It is considered the oldest Serbian Orthodox monastery in the Bačka.

According to legend, the monastery of Sava of Serbia was founded in the 13th century, at the place where his brother, King Stefan, have signed with the Hungarian King Andrew peace is. The earliest monastery church said to have been destroyed, the present church was built in the 15th or 16th century in the style of the later Morava school. As surely applies the renewal of the monastery 1705-1707 in baroque style.

The monastery was soon one of the richest Serb Orthodox monasteries north of the Serbian part of the Danube. Nowadays, there is a church of the monastery complex rehabilitation center for drug addicts.