Kowalewiczki ( German New ball joke ) is a village in Poland in Pomerania. It belongs to the rural community Darłowo (Rügenwalde ) in the West Pomeranian Voivodeship Slawienski powiat.

Geographical location

Kowalewiczki located 10 km east of Darłowo and 13 km north-east of Sławno ( Schlawe ) away on the north bank of the Wieprza ( Wipper ). The district is bordered to the west and northwest by Sulimice ( Zillmitz ), on the north by Karsino ( Karzin ), on the northeast by Kanin ( Kannin ) and on the south by Kowalewice (Alt ball joke), separated by the Wieprza.


The landscape of new ball wit is characterized by the single homesteads scattered settlement, intermediate planar areas of arable land and fertile meadows in Schwemmlandgebiet Wipper lowlands. The highest point of the district is 17 meters.

Village community

New ball joke belonged until 1945 to the District Järshagen. The agrarian village community was 1939 households with a total of 79 267 inhabitants and had its own mayor. The village school was einklassig. Our own church did not exist; residents took advantage of the Protestant church in the neighboring Old ball joke.

At the site there was a wind and engine mill, a blacksmith, a carpenter, a master mason, a shoemaker and a grocery store. The focus of the work was in agriculture. In the fields, potatoes, beets, turnips, rye, oats, barley and wheat were grown. Other income provided the pig breeding and fattening and cattle farming (black- colored cattle). The porkers took off Rügenwalder sausage factory, milk was delivered to the cooperative dairy in Old Järshagen.


The rural community of New ball joke was, as well as the rural community Alt ball joke, which emerged from the former, to the ducal office Rügenwalde belonging domain ball joke, as this early 19th century agrarian reforms had been parceled out under the stone and Hardenberg. 1347 a matze van Kugelwytze ryddere is mentioned in a document in which the Dukes of Pomerania Bogislaw, Barnim and Wartislaw the city Schlawe confirm their prerogatives. This Knights of ball joke it could have been a member of the family v. Sanitz, because other documents, according to the Carthusian monks of the monastery Marienkron bought from Rügenwalde in this family 1407-1495 small ball joke, today's Old ball joke. As mayor Sluter the Abbey gave a portion of Karzin bought the monks of the family v. Sanitz a second part added. After the Reformation fell this regional monastic total holdings, according to the former census had a circumference of 669 morning and 4 rods, as " free men of knightly " domain to the Rügenwalder office. After the allotment in the early 19th century, the Restgut by Karl Ludwig Krause was bought, one derived from Old Schlawe leaseholders, who previously belonging to Zillmitz Prussian state domain Dorsedow ( 1822-1824 ) and a domain had leased in Krolow and the court bailiff in had been Krolow. By 1945 the yard ( one after Wilhelm, Otto and Ewald Krause ) remained in the hands of his descendants.

On March 7, 1945, Soviet troops moved through the place they occupied on March 14, 1945. Months later, the place was - like all of Pomerania - Polish administration. It began the expulsion of the German inhabitants. New ball joke was renamed Kowalewiczki.


The place is accessible by a link road to the north branches of the Province Road 205 at Sulimice ( Zillmitz ) south of the Province Road 203 and near Nowy Jaroslaw (Alt Järshagen ). The nearest train station is located in Nowy Jaroslaw ( New Järshagen ) on the railway line Koszalin ( Koszalin ) - Sławno.