Kozielice, Pyrzyce County

Kozielice ( German Köselitz, Pomerania ) is a village with a seat of a rural community in the powiat Pyrzycki ( Pomerania ) in Polish West Pomeranian Voivodeship.

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Geographical location

Kozielice in powiat Pyrzycki (not to be confused with Kozielice in powiat Kamieński ( Pomerania ) ) is located seven kilometers south-west of the county town, and three kilometers south of the province road 122 from Krajnik Dolny (Lower Kränig ) about Banie (train ) and Pyrzyce ( Pomerania ) and Dolice ( Dölitz ) runs until after Piasecznik ( Petznick ). The national road 3 (also former German Empire Road 112, today also European Route 65), which runs from Świnoujście ( Swinoujscie ) until after Jakuszyce ( Jakobsthal ) on the Czech border, is about connecting Mielęcin ( Mellenthin ) in eight kilometers distance.

Until 1992, the state railway station Kozielice was on the railway line Stargard - Godków. Rail traffic was terminated in 1992, but in 2008 as a freight line from Stargard Szcz. reactivated until after Kozielice.

Village Kozielice ( Köselitz )


In 1229 Duke Barnim I confirmed the Order of St. John the possession of Köselitz, 1262 he gave two hoofs the Augustinian monastery in Pomerania as a building site for their monastery.

Until 1945 the village belonged to the district of Pomerania in the district of Stettin Prussian province of Pomerania. 1939 Köselitz counted 755 inhabitants. In 1945 it as Kozielice to Poland and is the center of Gmina 1983 Kozielice formed in the powiat Pyrzycki in the West Pomeranian Voivodeship ( to 1998 Voivodeship Szczecin ).


Parish Church

The Kozielicer village church is a late medieval Findlingsbau. What is striking is the peculiar Maßwerksgliederung the panels on the east gable, which is partially obscured by an apse cultivation. The lattice tower carrying a Baroque dome. The interior comes largely from the 19th century. Since the Reformation, Protestant church, the church was expropriated after 1945 in favor of the Catholic Church, the consecrated it new and the name Kościół pw Sw. Stanisław MB awarded.


The Kirchdorf Köselitz in which, before 1945 it was almost exclusively Protestant inhabitants belonged to the Church of Pomerania in the West Ward of the Church of the Province of Pomerania Church of the Old Prussian Union. To the parish five neighboring towns, among them the Branch community Naulin were (now Polish: Nowielin ). The church patronage was for the last state authorities. 1940 was one of the parish church members in 1617, of which 1012 the parent community Köselitz.

Since 1945, live mostly Catholic Church members in Kozielice, which is the parish seat again and now for the Dean's Office Banie (train ) is in the Archdiocese of Szczecin - Pomerania of the Catholic Church in Poland. Here surviving Protestant church members are now part of the parish of Szczecin, whose nearest parish seat is Kłodzino ( Kloxin ), and belongs to the Diocese of Breslau Evangelical-Augsburg Church in Poland.

Pastor until 1945

As a Protestant clergy were active in Köselitz:

Gmina Kozielice


The Gmina Kozielice ( it is not to be confused with the to 1951 in the powiat Kamieński ( Pomerania ) existing homonymous country church ) comprises the area of the existing 1945-1954 Gmina Tetyń ( Beyersdorf ) and is a 94.51 km ² large rural community whose area 135 of the total powiat Pyrzycki accounts. Here live 2,618 inhabitants, which means that the Gmina Kozielice terms of population, is the second smallest municipality of the 114 municipalities in the West Pomeranian Voivodeship.

In the municipality there are two postcode areas: Kozielice = 74-204, and 74-205 = Tetyń.

Neighboring municipalities are:

  • Bielice ( Beelitz ) and Pyrzyce in powiat Pyrzycki,
  • Banie ( lift) Gryfiński powiat ( county Greifenhagen )
  • Myślibórz ( Soldin ) in Mysliborski powiat ( county Soldin ).

Community structure

The Gmina Kozielice with its 13 villages in 10 districts ( " Soltysships " ) divided into:

  • Districts:
  • Czarnowo ( United Zarnow )
  • Kozielice ( Köselitz )
  • LOZICE ( Loist )
  • Maruszewo ( Marie Felde )
  • Mielno Pyrzyckie (GroßMöllen )
  • Rokity ( Rackitt )
  • Siemczyn ( Siebenschlößchen )
  • Tetyń ( Beyersdorf )
  • Trzebórz ( acorn Hagen)
  • Załęże ( Marienwerderstraße )
  • Other localities: Przydarłów ( Brederlow ) Trzebórz - Podborze ( acorn Hagen- Forest Hill) and Zadeklino ( Heinrich pleasure).


In the north of the municipal territory, the province road runs 122 in the districts LOZICE ( Loist ) and Rokity ( Rackitt ) and offers direct access to the Gmina of the two circular city regions of Pyrzyce ( Pomerania ) and Gryfino ( Pommern ) and the city Dolice ( Dölitz ). All other community members are " linked " together by smaller side roads and country lanes through to the southernmost town Załęże ( Marienwerderstraße ).

The route of the new highway S 3 has been moved between 2007 and 2010 by the north east of the municipality. On 22 October 2010, the section has been released. The S 3, which is also European Route 65, connects the Baltic Sea with the West Pomeranian Voivodship, Lubusz and Lower Silesia.


For the Gmina Kozielice is no direct rail link more for passenger transport, the nearest Pyrzyce there are only Güterverkehr.Zwischen 1899 and 1992 there was a railway line right through the territory of today's rural community, the (Polish today: Stargard ) of Stargard in Pomerania on Pomerania led until after Jädickendorf ( Godków ) and there was subsequent to the coming of Berlin Wriezener web. This route has existed since 2008 again as a freight line between Stargard Szcz. and Kozielice. In the area of ​​today's Gmina the railway stations were Köselitz ( Kozielice ), Acorn Hagen ( Trzebórz ) and Beyersdorf ( Tetyń ). Passenger traffic has been suspended since 1992 between Pyrzyce and Godków, since 2000 between Stargard and Pyrzyce.


  • Wilhelm Wapenhensch ( born January 2, 1899 in Great Zarnow ( Czarnowo ) ), Pomeranian ( Church ) musician and composer († 1964)