Kpalimé or Palime is, according to the census 2010, 75 084 inhabitants, is the fourth largest city and capital of Togo Kloto Prefecture in ( Plateaux region ). It is located 120 km from the Togolese capital Lome on the border with Ghana.

Because of the climate and the mountain scenery, the town was a popular holiday destination in colonial times. Today the city is known for its material and fruit market, which takes place on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Kpalime was the center of the Togolese coffee, cocoa and citrus cultivation. The industry, however, is in fact no longer exists.


  • Église du saint esprit ( Holy Spirit Church ), restored in 2003 complicated by the diocese of Rottenburg- Stuttgart
  • Remnants of the railroad built by Germans Lomé - Kpalimé and the former railway station Kpalimé, dedicated to Emperor's Birthday 1907
  • German colonial station Misahohé with German cemetery, named after Missa Esterházy, the childhood sweetheart of the first local consul of Puttkammer.