Kraan is a German jazz-rock band and one of the most famous representatives of Krautrock. Their musical merit is the blend of jazz and rock with oriental and Asian sounds.


Kraan formed in 1970 in Ulm. Previously, the brothers January Fride and Peter Wolbrandt had played in various jazz bands and could Hellmut Hattler 1968 to convince them to start with the band incest. John Alto ' Pappert ( sax ) was traveling at the time with a soul-rock band and came, in search of new musical challenges, 1971 to do so.

P. Wolbrandt had in Berlin started a graphic studies, J. Fride was enrolled for photography and Hattler was close to graduating from high school, when all the question, as it should go with the music continued, hobby or profession. Four weeks before the Baccalaureate presented Hattler all school efforts a, P. Wolbrandt gave his graphic and J. Fride his photo study on, and out of the hobby band incest was " Kraan ". Were taken music and styles, mixed, modified and re- played. From the wide-ranging musical interests of all band members - with oriental sounds, jazzy runs and hard beats - was a new sound at the time, who would later receive the label Jazz Rock.

The first concerts met with interest, and the band decided their connections in Berlin, including the musicians of " Carthage " and a recording studio to use for joint meetings and first shots. After half a year, and a few, but successful performances, there was a first crisis, and Hattler accepted the offer of the Swabian band " Erna Schmidt " in North Germany. Quickly became apparent that he could not realize his musical ideas here, and he took the rest of the group after. A merger of the two bands was planned. The project did not survive the homesickness of Schwäbisch Gmünd musician and the end of the year; Kraan was newly established.

Looking for a new home proved successful in Count Metternich. He put his estate in the Teutoburg Forest Wintrup available. The secluded location in a valley made ​​possible samples around the clock. From the earlier inhabitants of the Manager Walter Holzbaur was left, which immediately went to the marketing of the band. A first concert in Detmold was for the band before about 400 spectators successful. More concerts followed and then also the first record that was added in two days, mixed in one day and not successfully sold to Intercord too long later, at the end of the year 1972. She received good reviews and it was followed by a first tour through Germany, trips to Switzerland and the Netherlands.

On stage, the band was particularly impressed by their enthusiasm and musical professionalism. Other plates followed and especially the third, recorded live in Berlin, received good reviews. A new man, Ingo Bischof (keyboards) played with casually and in 1975 an official member.

But it began again tensions among the musicians. Bishop rose early 1976 and Pappert in late summer of the same year. In 1977, the band again with Bishop on tour, brought out a plate, then broke up but after also Hattler had moved to Ulm. This was followed by his first solo projects, but the comeback was not long in coming. The end of 1978 a new plate with Hattler, P. Wolbrandt, Bishop and Udo Dahmen appeared on drums. By 1983, Kraan played under changing cast. From 1984 to 1987, again pause before Hattler, Wolbrandt and Fride and Joo Kraus started a new comeback. Kraus and Hattler got along so well that in 1990 Kraan separated immediately for the third time and Hattler and Kraus as a duo Tab Two appeared together.

Then in 2000, after nearly 20 years of abstinence in the combination Hattler, Wolbrandt and Fride and Bishop and 10 years Kraan - abstinence, managed a renewed comeback with a concert in Ulm. 2001, the thirtieth anniversary, followed by an extensive tour and a new live album. In 2003, the Kraan album Through, on 23 March 2007 then the album Psychedelic Man ( the latter the albums " Goodbye ", " Flyday " and " tour " had been released by EMI on the "Harvest " label that already ). In March 2010, the latest album of the band was titled "Diamonds".

On November 9, 2013, the band played their farewell concert in Neuss. A week later, the musician announced on Facebook a concert at the Burg- Herzberg Festival 2014.