Kranidi (Greek Κρανίδι (n. sg. ) ) Is a Greek town in the south of Argolis in the Peloponnese region. Since the merger of the municipalities Kranidi and Ermioni January 1, 2011, the city is the administrative center of the new community Ermionida. Kranidi located in the eastern part of the Argolis, on the eastern finger of the peninsula about 8 km west of Ermioni, 28 km south of Palea Epidavros and 38 km south-east of Nafplio.


The landscape is hilly Kranidi covered with olive groves and small pine forests. The city is located 4 km from the coast with coves and beaches.


Kranidi was one of the centers of the Greek uprising in 1777. According to the failure of the uprising, many locals sought refuge at the rest of the Peloponnese, in Greece, Cyprus and Russia. During the Greek liberation struggle in 1823 23 members of the Greek National Assembly fled to Kranidi, where they formed a new government under Georgios Kountouriotis ( 1782-1858 ) on 18 December 1823. In this context, a kind of first Constitution of Greece was designed.

Economic policy

Kranidi, which was able to record more than six million euros in tax revenue with 5,000 inhabitants in 2010, was at the outbreak of the euro crisis seat of several offshore companies. The tax rate at this time was 15%. Since the merger of the tax offices of Kranidi and Nafplion 184 off-shore companies were counted.