Krasnopresnenskaja (? Краснопресненская russian ( pronunciation / i) ) is an underground station of the Moscow Metro on the Koltsevaya - line (also: ring line). It is located in the north-west of Moscow center, just outside the Garden Ring around the historic city center of Moscow.


The station Krasnopresnenskaja was put into operation on March 14, 1954 within the last part of the piece of the ring line (along with the station Kievskaya ). The name of the station derives from the toponym Krasnaya Presnya, which literally means "Red Presnya " means. This Presnya was originally the name of a small, completely routed in an underground tube since the beginning of the 20th century tributary of the Moskva River. This was also the village northwest of the Garden Ring her name. In Soviet times, this area was originally a traditional working-class area, the name Krasnaya Presnya in memory of the fierce fighting that had occurred there during the Russian Revolution, 1905.

The underground station has an access to the overground is located in a separate Vestibülgebäude a circular plan and a series of Ionic columns. The building was constructed according to a design by the Armenian architect Karo Alabjan and stands on the south side of the street Krasnaya Presnya. In walking distance to the Metro Station are among other things, the wedding-cake skyscraper at Kudrinskaja Square (a few hundred meters east of the Vestibülgebäudes right before crossing the street Krasnaya Presnya with the Garden Ring ), the main entrance to the Moscow Zoo ( opposite the vestibule on the other side of the road), the Embassy of the United States (at the Garden Ring, about ten minutes walk from the subway station ) as well as the seat of the Russian government (a few minutes walk in a southerly direction ).

The concourse of Krasnopresnenskaja located 35 meters below ground and is connected to the vestibule by an escalator shaft. This leads to the southern end of the hall, while there is a transition to the station Barrikadnaya Tagansko - Krasnopresnenskaja line from its northern end of since 1972. Prior to the establishment of this transition, the station hall ended in a stalemate, at the end of a sculptural composition with pictures of Lenin and Stalin stood.

Near the station Krasnopresnenskaja is the vehicle depot of Krasnaya Presnya Koltsevaya - line, so trains from Kievskaya that drive this vault end, at the Krasnopresnenskaja.


The middle platform with the 9.5 -meter-wide platform area at its center is covered by an arched vault, which is supported by two rows of arcade -like pylon. Typical of the Moscow subway stations of the early postwar period, the hall on a very sumptuous and spacious shape. In allusion to the toponym "Red Presnya " the base of the pylons is continuously covered with dark red marble. Above the pylons each on the side of the platform hall are relief compositions ( total of 14 ) with stylized motifs of workers' struggles during the 1905 Revolution and the October Revolution of 1917. The light comes from the gold-plated chandeliers on the top line. The floor to form simple pattern of bright red, gray and black granite tops. The walls on the two tracks are clad in white marble from the Urals.