Krasnoznamensky District

The Rajon Krasnoznamensk (Russian Краснознаменский район ) is an administrative unit in the far northeast of the Russian oblast of Kaliningrad on the border with Lithuania. Administrative headquarters of Rajons is the small town Krasnoznamensk (until 1938 Lasdehnen, 1938-1945 Costanosellari ).

The northern border is the River Memel. In addition, the Raion of its left tributary Scheschuppe and the Pregel river source Instrutsch ( Inster ) is traversed. Memel and a section of the Scheschuppe form the northern and part of the eastern boundary of Rajon and thus the Oblast to Lithuania.

The area is one of the most sparsely populated of the oblast, main livelihood of the population is agriculture. The landscape is dominated by natural forests and pastures versteppenden. By Rajonsgebiet run no major transport links, the majority of passenger transport to take in addition to the private transport buses.


The Rajon Krasnoznamensk consists of the urban community Krasnosnamenskoje with two other settlements and three rural communities with 51 settlements.


The Rajon was founded on April 7, 1946 as Pilkallenski rajon .. Its territory roughly corresponded to that of the existing circuit Pillkallen to 1945 ( 1938 to 1945 "Circle Schlossberg "). In the north and west, it also included the northeastern and eastern part of the former county Tilsit - Ragnit ( within the limits 1922-1939 ) and in the extreme southeast of a small part of the former circle Stallupönen ( 1938-1945 "circle Ebenrode "; area around the Sodargen village, later russian Tretjakowo ). For this was the southwest corner of the circle Pillkallen the place Mallwischken ( Mallwen ), from 1947 Russian Maiskoje now for Rajon Gusev.

In the battles at the end of the Second World War, the eastern part of the circle Pillkallen with the small town Schirwindt, 1947 Russian Kutusowo was, however, been completely devastated and was henceforth used for military purposes. Also, the county seat Pillkallen ( 1938-1945 " Schlossberg " ), from 1947 Russian Dobrowolsk, had been greatly destroyed. Therefore, the Rajonverwaltung was set up in the riverside Szeszuppe place Lasdehnen ( 1938-1945 " Costanosellari "). On September 7, 1946 the site was declared a city and renamed Krasnoznamensk and Rajon rajon Krasnosnamenski was now called.

In the years 1963 to 1965 were during a short-term general and administrative reform also large parts of Rajon Neman to Rajon Krasnoznamensk.

As part of local government Rajon first got in 2004 the status of a city district ( Краснознаменский городской округ, Krasnosnamenski Gorodskoi okrug ) and finally in 2008 the status of a " municipal " Rajons ( Краснознаменский муниципальный район, Krasnosnamenski munizipalny rayon ). The existing seven village districts were converted into three rural communities.

Village soviets / village districts 1947-2008

From 1963 to 1965 included the village Soviets Bolscheselski, Gudkowski, Malomaschaiski, Petrovsky and Schilinski from the Rajon Neman to Rajon Krasnoznamensk.