Kratzeburg is a municipality in the district of Mecklenburg Lake District in the south of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. It is administered by the Office Neustrelitz country located in the not office belonging Neustrelitz.


The very lakes and woodlands, rich community Kratzeburg located in the western part of the area the Müritz National Park, extending from Waren (Müritz) up in the western city of Neustrelitz. North of the village rises near Ankershagen the Havel. It flows as a small trickle through several lakes, such as the 2.4 km ² Käbelicksee, to the south. When the district Krienke the Havel leaves the municipality. In Kratzeburg the water and walking distance Upper Havel begins. Southeast of the local part Pieverstorf are located up to 105 m above sea level. NHN Pieverstorfer high mountains.

To Kratzeburg include the districts Dalmsdorf, Dambeck, Granzin, Krienke and Pieverstorf.


The hillfort south of Pieverstorf on the eastern shore of the lake Dambecker dates from the Bronze Age. He is one of the largest facilities of that time. The 1170 documentary mentioned Slavic Kratzeburg ( castrum Zcarnitz ) is 350 meters southwest of the Bronze Age hill fort on a hill. In place of Kratzeburg Schlossberg evidence of the medieval settlement. Here stood the 14th to the 15th century on the man-made tower hill a castle, the lower nobility.

North of Kratzeburg up to Dieke break south of the Havel source the bottom is clearly visible. This hill in the woods, which are no longer appropriate to any agricultural use, because the soil is too compacted, are candidates for the still unrecognized settlements of the megalithic culture, of which we only obtained the graves.

Regular events

At the campground in Kratzeburg held every year at Pentecost, the Youth Media Camp. It is a gathering of young media makers from Berlin, Brandenburg and Mecklenburg- Vorpommern, learn together in many different workshops dealing with the media and their design.


  • Half-timbered church in Kratzeburg - An old altar on the side wall has a carving after 1450 The pages show the court hearing, the kiss of Judas, Way of the Cross and Jesus praying. . Inside: the crucifixion scene. In the corners we find four saints. This altar was brought to Schiller village during the Thirty Years' War (1640) and did not return until around 1935 after Kratzeburg back. He has a remarkable design parallels to the altar of Fabian and Sebastian Church in Beverstedt.
  • Brick church in Granzin

Altar of 1450 in the Kratzeburger Church

Church in Granzin

Transport links

From the main road from 193, about halfway between Neustrelitz and Penzlin, can be reached on a Kratzeburg about seven kilometer link road. The Kratzeburg station is on the railway line Neustrelitz -Rostock and is served by regional trains.