Krauts with Attitude

Krauts with Attitude was published in 1991 compilation album and is considered the first German hip hop sampler. The album was compiled by DJs Reinboth and katmanDo and is considered the "inventory" of German hip -hop and " fairly representative cross -section of the West German Hip Hop scene " of the early 1990s.


The title Krauts with Attitude refers to a cover story of the music magazine Spex of March 1990, in which the Californian hip hop group NWA ( Niggaz with Attitude ) and the term " Krauts" were summarized as stereotypical name for German.

All represented on the sampler 15 musicians and bands are from West Germany. Despite the claim of wanting to offer 100% German hip hop, rapping only three musicians in German, eleven in English and one in French musician. Musically, the pieces were strongly oriented towards American models such as NWA, Ice Cube, Dr. Dre and Public Enemy, which represent the most important figures of identification of the West German hip- hop scene at the time.

Cover design

The cover shows the title Krauts with Attitude in the colors black, red and gold against a gray wall and subtitled German HipHop Vol.1. The cover design and the text of liner notes, in which it, inter alia, states: " It is time to counter the self-confidence of Englishmen or Americans something. [ ... ] It was hard enough to be accepted as a non-American and paleface in hip-hop. I believe that the fault lies clearly with the major record companies who think pretending without being able to sell a negro no hip-hop. " Was partly a problematic " understood nationalist statement. "

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