Kreis Koschmin

  • Government district of Posen
  • Regierungsbezirk Bromberg

The circle Koschmin in the southeast of the Prussian province of Posen was in the period from 1887 until 1919.



The area belonged after the Third Partition of Poland from 1793 to 1807 temporarily to the circle Krotoschin in the Prussian province of South Prussia. After the peace of Tilsit, the area was returned to Poland in 1807.


The area fell again after the Congress of Vienna on 15 May 1815, the Kingdom of Prussia. Until October 1, 1887, belonged to the circle Krotoschin in the province of Posen.

Administrative history

On October 1, 1887 Koschmin own circle was formed from the northern part of the circle Krotoschin. Seat of the district administration was the county seat Koschmin.

On December 27, began in 1918 in the Posen province of Wielkopolska Uprising of the Polish majority population against German rule, and on 2 January 1919, the city was under Polish control Koschmin. On February 16, 1919 armistice ended the Polish- German battles, and on 28 June 1919, the German government stepped with the signing of the Versailles Treaty, the circle Koschmin officially to the newly founded Poland from.

District administrators

Municipal outline

The circle Koschmin was divided into three townships, rural communities and independent estate districts were grouped into larger police districts.

The circle Koschmin consisted on 1 January 1908:

  • Three municipalities ( Koschmin, Borek and Pogorzela )
  • 58 rural communities and
  • 27 agricultural estates.


The circle Koschmin had a total area of 453 km ².


The circle Koschmin had in 1890: 29,790 inhabitants. Of these, about 70% of Poles and 30 % German. A large part of the German population left after 1919 the area.


List of localities in the district Koschmin with more than 400 inhabitants (1910 ):

( At the beginning of the 20th century, several place names were Germanized. )