The county league, district league or circuit class is in most German sports associations the term for the lowest divisions in the league system. Host of the game class is responsible for the territory of the county, a county- town or entstandenem from the association history area district association as the national sports federation or the regional National Association subordinate organization. Often there is only one of the two league titles in the area of ​​a District Association. Where both league names exist, the county league in general, is the higher league. In some regions of Germany the county league is sometimes referred to in major cities as well as city league.


In Bavaria was from the late 1940s to the early 1970s, below the national league, which was the highest league in the area of the Bavarian Ice Sports Federation at the time, the name of the county league leagues, Circle class and time, of district class. As part of the reform leagues in the early 1970s, the teams were organized and divided into those leagues ( artificial ice ) Bayern League and state league or Natureisligen. End of the 180 years of a non- toothed circle League was re-established under the national league, the league to the county in 1991.


The county league was in the football league system in Germany until 1978, usually the sixth- highest division, located for example in the area of the West German Football Association after the Bundesliga, Bundesliga 2, the Association League, national league and the district league. Due to numerous reforms of the league system, both at the level of the DFB and at the level of the DFB affiliated regional and state associations, the county league is now settled depending on regional association between the seventh and the tenth game class level.

Within the respective district associations, the county league is regularly played in a hierarchical series system, with the county league A (or if it exists the county league ) as a highest league level, depending on the number of countries participating in the schedule of the District Association teams then followed by the District League B, the circle League C and district League D or with the first circle class as the highest level, followed by the 2nd circuit class, the third class county and the 4th circle class. In Baden Football Association league no circle or district league exists. Here follows directly the county league after the association league and division. Thereafter, the circuit classes are A, B and C.

Importance in the media

Large media attention comes this game classes are generally not to. Only through the new beginning of the 1st FC Locomotive Leipzig, 2004 in the 3rd district league (11th Division) and the associated viewer boom this division marched for the first time nationwide in the center. Triggered a result, it was for some months in 2004 and 2005 at the television station DSF, Sport 1 today, a weekly show circuit class. The TV channel kabel eins escorted from 2005 to 2006 the Dortmund suburb SSV Hacheney with team manager Manfred Burgsmüller in the weekly broadcast program heroes of the circle class.