Krishan Sabnani

Krishan K. Sabnani (* 1954 in New Delhi ) is an Indian- American network engineer.

Sabnani studied electrical engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, Kanpur with a bachelor's degree in 1971, earned his master's degree in the Netherlands ( 1977) and in 1981 received his doctorate at Columbia University. He then went to the Bell Laboratories, where from 1993 he headed the mobile communication research and senior vice president of network research laboratories is.

He made important contributions to wireless technology and network protocols. His research found both on the Internet and mobile networks application. From him the SNR protocol AirMail and the Reliable Multicast Transport Protocol originate ( RMTP ).

In 2005 he received the W. Wallace McDowell Award and the IEEE Eric E. Sumner Award. He is a Fellow of the IEEE, the Association for Computing Machinery and Bell Labs Fellow.