Kristiine is a district of the Estonian capital Tallinn.


Kristiine is located about 3.5 kilometers southwest of Tallinn's center, bordering the neighborhoods Põhja -Tallinn, Kesklinn, Nõmme, Mustamae and Haabersti. The population is 29,228 (as of 31 December 2011). The ethnic composition of the population based on the criterion mother tongue according to census 2011 were as follows: 71.4 % of Estonian native language, 26.5% with Russian native language ..

Kristiine is in three district municipalities (Estonian asumid ) divided: Järve, Tondi and Lilleküla. In addition, the industrial estates of Marja, Liimi and Laki.

By 1920, the area was called Kristiinental, named after the Swedish Queen Christina ( 1626 to 1689 ). The district Kristiine was summarized in 1993 as an administrative unit. He is a relatively green part of Tallinn. Single-family homes dominate the overall picture. Kristiine is known for its four historic parks: Löwenruh Park, Dunten Park, Cederhilm Park and Charlottental Park.