Krolevets (Ukrainian Кролевець; Russian Кролевец / Krolevets ) is a city in the Ukraine Sumy Oblast in the north of the confluence of the rivers Ret ( Реть ) and Swydnja ( Свидня ).

Krolevets is an industrial town with 23,231 inhabitants ( 2013) and the administrative center of the homonymous Rajons.


Krolevets is located about 150 km northwest of the Oblastzentrum Sumy, 60 km north of Konotop and 40 km south of Schostka on the trunk road that connects Kiev with Moscow.

The town has a station on a railway line of the South - Western Railway, which also connects Kiev with Moscow. The border with the Russian Kursk Oblast located about 80 km east of the city.

The municipality consists of only the city Krolevets itself and has an area of ​​3154.68 acres.


Commemorative coin of 2001: " 400 years Krolevets " back

Krolevets was founded in 1601 was named the place in honor of the king. ( King: Polish Król ). After the armistice of Deulino end the city fell in 1618 to Poland and was performed in 1632 as the county seat. For quick growth of the city the situation contributed to the intersection of two trade routes, so that the city was in 1644 awarded by the Polish king Władysław IV Magdeburg rights. In the Russo- Polish War of 1654-1667, the city was badly affected and fell finally in 1686 to Russia.


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Founded in 1956 and managed by Krolevets from Rajon Krolevets is in the northwest of the Sumy Oblast and is bordered to the west by the Chernihiv Oblast. It has an area of 1,284 km ² and a population of about 46,000 inhabitants. The population density is 36 inhabitants of Rajons per km ².