Krumbach (Kammel)


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(Usually called Krumbächle ) The Krumbach is a left tributary of the Kammel. About the Kammel and the Mindel he is an indirect right tributary of the Danube in Bavaria. The river is from the municipal boundary between the community and the city Waltenhausen Krumbach ( Schwaben) a body of water of the third order.


The source of the Krumbächles is located north of the town of Halden in Herretshofen in the community Kirchhaslach in the district of Lower Allgäu. From there, the Krumbächle flows in a northerly direction. Southwest of the village hamlet the Krumbächle flows into the community Waltenhausen in the district of Günzburg. North of Waltenhausen is the mouth of the Weil Erbach in the Krumbächle. After the confluence of these two streams of the valley Krumbächles is slightly wider. About five miles further down the stream Krumbächle reached the southern outskirts of the village of Krumbach, where it empties into the Kammel after about another kilometer.


Villages which are located directly on Krumbächle are Waltenhausen and Krumbach.


After heavy rainfall the Krumbächle often results in a short time high tide.

The Kneipp trail that leads to less than 4 km by Krumbach, a long piece on Krumbächle runs along. The Naturtretbecken, which is part of this trail, located in Krumbächle.