Kružberk ( German Kreuzberg) is a municipality in the Czech Republic. It is located 20 kilometers southwest of the center of Opava in the Moravice and belongs to Okres Opava.


Kružberk is located at the junction of Lower die into the mountains or on the left side of the Moravice and extends in a north-south direction. To the north subsequent Stare Lublice there is a smooth transition. West of the village located on the edge of the Natural Park Moravice is the dam Kružberk.

Neighboring towns are Staré and Nové Lublice Lublice in the north, Moravice in the northeast, Jánské Koupele, Moravický Mlýn and Mokřinky in the east, in the southeast Zálužné and Stare Těchanovice in the south.


Creuczenburg the village was first mentioned in 1377 as part of the inheritance of the Duchy of Opava by the sons of the Duke Nicholas II It belonged to the basic rule Krahují, which went down to the end of the 15th century. Over time, the name of the place walked in Kreuzberg and the vassals changed often. Heinrich Kosíř of Creuczenburg owned the place 1429. 1439 the village between Dětoch of Schoenwald and Dětoch of Čochtendorf was divided. Subsequently, the Stosch Kaunitz and gentlemen of Vrbno and Freudenthal were still invested with Kreuzberg.

1620 bought on Karl von Liechtenstein Kreuzberg and divided the village in the ducal chamber a rule. Until the replacement of patrimonial regimes in 1848, Kreuzberg was the direct possession of the Duchy of Opava and then became an independent municipality in the administrative district of Opava. Seat of the court was Wigstadtl. 1930, Kreuzberg 209 inhabitants and in Old Lublitz there were 438

After the Second World War, the German inhabitants were expelled. Between 1949 and 1960 Kružberk was part of Okres Vítkov and came to the resolution back to the local government reform to the Okres Opava. In 1952 the Association of Municipalities Stare Lublice and Kružberk to the municipality Lublice whose name was changed in 1962 in Kružberk. 1955, the construction of the dam was completed Kružberk. Between 1973 and 1978 the municipalities Kružberk and Nové Lublice were united. In 1979 the annexation to Budišov nad Budišovkou. In 1990, Kružberk including the local part Stare Lublice its independence back.

Below the dam are the Cvičné rocks that this as an exercise for rock climbers.

Local structure

For the community Kružberk no districts are reported. To the municipality, the local situation Stare Lublice heard (Alt Lublitz ).


  • Parish Church of St. Florian
  • Church of St. Peter and Paul, built in the 15th century