KTM 1190 RC8

The KTM 1190 RC8 is a motorcycle from the Austrian manufacturer KTM. This is the first super sports car of the company.


Due to the expansion in the area of ​​on-road motorcycles (Adventure models, Super Duke ) by KTM, the next logical step was a motorcycle in the class of super sports cars. The first public presentation of a prototype took place at the Tokyo Motor Show in 2003. The design, which also comes with the RC8 from Salzburg KISKA company, has changed only slightly in the series testing, nevertheless, according to KTM hardly a part of the study was transferred to the production model unchanged. The first customer cars were delivered in 2008. The first two available colors are Orange / Black and White / Black. For the model year 2009 KTM brought more to racing oriented, more powerful version 1190 RC8 R to the market.


The engine of the RC8 is not based on the well known LC8 -V2- engine, but it was designed from scratch. Not least because the engine capacity increase its closest competitor 1098, which began with 119 kW ( 160 hp ) and 123 Nm new records for the two-cylinder superbikes, including the capacity of 999 cc was increased to 1148 cc. The mixture preparation does a Keihin EMS - injection system with 52 mm throttle. Worth mentioning is the exhaust system with silencer is mounted directly below the engine as in the Buell models what the Massenzentralisation and so the handling is. The maximum power of the RC8 motor is 114 kW ( 155 hp ) and maximum torque is 120 Nm with KTM. The tube frame weighs due to a structurally rigid and mittragendem motor housing only 7.4 kg, and consists of eleven steel tubes.

1190 RC8 R

The RC8 R differs in several details from the standard model:


By 2.0 enlarged to 105 mm cylinder bore of the engine capacity is 1195 cc. The compression ratio was increased with the new pistons to 13.5:1, there are furthermore lighter connecting rods are used. The camshafts used allow longer valve opening times and are adjustable thanks to slots in the camshaft gears. The account of higher power supporting used KTM RC8 R in a larger cooler and 10% harder clutch springs. The front manifold is equipped with insulation to reduce heat radiation. The rated power is (170 PS) homologated with 125 kW at 10.250/min, the maximum torque is 123 Nm at 8000 rpm.

Chassis / brakes

The chassis has been redesigned, including, softer springs ( 95 instead of 110 N / mm spring rate ) are used. The caster was increased for better Hochgeschwindgkeitsstabilität by a smaller offset ( "offset") the triple clamps to 97 mm, the upper triple clamp is machined and not cast. To reduce unsprung and rotating masses lighter, forged Marchesini wheels are used. The sliding tubes of the upside-down fork and the piston rod of high-quality built strut are provided with a friction-reducing titanium aluminum nitride coating suspension travel front and rear each be 120 mm. The cam for the vertical adjustment of the rear frame has a twice as large as the adjustment of the basic model; the front discs are 5.0 mm 0.5 mm thick and now consist of a different steel alloy.


The RC8 R through various light components 6 kg lighter than the standard version, the curb weight is with a full tank about 195 kg.


With the KTM 1190 RC8 R will start in the Superbike class IDM since 2009.