37 175 - 93.043055555556Koordinaten: 37 ° 10 ' 30 " N, 93 ° 2' 35 " W

KTTS -FM is an American country music radio station ( 94.7 FM) of Springfield, in the State of Missouri, in the United States.


The founder and radio pioneer GP Ward, built in 1922, the first station with the abbreviation " WIAI " in the army 's Department Store, now a designated historic building from the NRHP. Four years later, the transmission has ceased operations. As Ward 1927 " KFUV " went on the air again, complaints from residents have been raised that the radio transponder transmitting station significantly disturb the reception of other radio stations. The transmission mode has been relisted.

1942 went GPWard with " KTTS AM" on medium wave back on the air after a group of influential business leaders from the region, supported him with the argument that Springfield would need another media opinion, as the only local newspaper and the two resident radio stations close compounds had each other, and can not be objectively and independently annotated media events.

1948, the first FM broadcast throughout southwestern Missouri was broadcast.


The former American television host Bob Barker began in the 1940s his career at KTTS.