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Kuah is the district capital of Langkawi Island in the state of Kedah in the north west of Malaysia. It is the entry point for all who come by ferry from either the mainland or from the neighboring island Penang. The town is built around the ferry port which attracts larger crowds for Langkawi. Over the years, Kuah has been getting bigger and more interesting for visitors to Langkawi by the tourism success.

The name ' Kuah ' comes " stony " from the Malay for. A legend says that the city rose to a new country that emerged from the struggle between two giants with boulders.

Kuah has a wide range of hotels, but no apartment complexes, because the city has no proper beach. The nightlife of Kuah consists essentially of the visit of restaurants, most of which are specialized in seafood. However, there are also a few bars and restaurants, most of which are located in hotels.

Kuah offers several options and attractions that make a stay despite the lack of beach and night life interesting. Kuah lives as island capital, especially from the shopping and restaurants, fast-food offerings and the craft shops that extend to the horizon.

  • 2.1 Jetty Point Mall, Ferry Shopping Center
  • 2.2 Langkawi Fair Shopping Mall (Langkawi Fair Shopping Centre )
  • 2.3 Teow Soon Huat
  • 2.4 Saga Shopping Center
  • 2.5 the center of Kuah


While the city is more Kuah shopping area itself, there are around Kuah to visit other attractions. Most of them are recreation parks and places where a friendly cool breeze blowing from the sea.

Dataran Lang

Dataran Lang or 'Eagle Square' ( Eagle Square) is a large monument in the shape of an eagle, who was departing from a rock. This huge, 12 -meter-high statue welcomes visitors who come to Kuahs Ferry. The eagle is the symbol of Langkawi; The name " Langkawi " is derived from the Malay word for eagle. The place is decorated with ponds, bridges and terraces and thus becomes a pleasant stay, to look over the lake.

Taman Lagenda

Taman Lagenda or Lagenda Park is a recreation zone, which is dedicated to the heritage of Langkawi to fables and myths. The park occupies an area of ​​50 acres of newly acquired land and has something of an open- air museum, designed with many blooming flowers. Fruit trees are along the way, and the ponds that adorn the park.

Within the flourishing vegetation, the park has 17 sculptures that depict the many legends that have grown up around Langkawi, as the duel of the two giants, from which emerged Cincang Mat Raya and the mountains, mythical birds and fairy tales of princesses. In addition, there are four artificial lakes and a specially -made beach to complete the picturesque scene. The park is open from early morning until late at night and within walking distance from the ferry port.


Another park in Kuah is the CHOGM Park. It was built to commemorate the meeting of the Commonwealth Government, which was held in Malaysia in 1989. Langkawi was a retreat and recreation area for the government officials who participated in the meeting. Even today, shows the loosely planted with trees park the flags of all participating nations, a good place for walking and rest.

Al -Hana Mosque

The Al -Hana Mosque is one of the largest and most popular mosques in the island. It is located in a readily accessible location in Kuah, to prevent and to receive visitors who are interested in their architecture, both Muslim celebrations. This majestic mosque shows motifs and carvings from Uzbekistan along with traditional Malay elements. The mosque has a sentimental value to Langkawi because it was opened in 1959 by the first Malaysian Prime Minister Tunku Abdul Rahman.


Langkawi has been designated within Malaysia as a duty- free zone. The town of Kuah therefore has the highest concentration of shopping centers and shops selling goods of the region duty-free and souvenirs. In particular, the duty free offer has drastically lower prices for all alcoholic beverages result. Beer costs, for example, only one-sixth of the Mainland Prize.

Jetty Point Mall, Ferry Shopping Center

The Jetty Point Mall enjoys a strategic location as a separate part of the ferry port. This makes it a frequently requested Shopping opportunity to return to the mainland buy yet fast at the last minute before dropping ferries. In the shopping mall lot of shops and fast-food restaurants such as KFC and Starbucks can be found with Wi-Fi access.

Langkawi Fair Shopping Mall (Langkawi Fair Shopping Centre )

The Langkawi Fair Shopping Mall is one of the largest shopping centers in Langkawi with more than 100 individual shops and supermarkets with department store departments. Can be purchased here duty- free items, souvenirs, fashion, sports equipment, and electronics items. Other options are fast food restaurants, money exchange and a tour for tourists.

Teow Soon Huat

Teow Soon Huat is a large duty-free shopping mall with over 40 shops, eight food vendors including a round tower with snack bars ( "food gallery" ), a department store with departments and a supermarket that offers fresh, frozen and packaged canned foods. He is one of the most popular shopping areas of Kuah, although he is on the periphery of the town of Kuah Town. The market is flooded with hardware stores, electronics offerings, and tobacco, alcohol, fashion shops, luggage et cetera family-oriented, all at duty-free prices. The service includes a currency exchange and a tourist information desk. The only cinema in Langkawi is located on the 10th floor here. It is found in several levels sufficient parking space.

Saga Shopping Center

The Saga Shopping Center is another of the many established on Langkawi shopping complexes. It offers a wide range of household goods, as well as wine, beer, alcohol, clothes, dried food and tobacco at duty-free prices. Toys, shoes, ceramics and crystal products complete the offer.

Center of Kuah

Among the many shops in Kuah Town, there are others that tobacco and alcohol as well as clothes offer.

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