8.327.983333333333Koordinaten: 8 ° 18 ' N, 27 ° 59 ' E

Kwajok (also Kuajok ) is the capital of the state of Warrap in South Sudan.

The town is located north of Wau in the field of Rek, a subgroup of the Dinka. 1923 here the second Catholic mission station was established in the Dinka area.

In the American Civil War in South Sudan Kwajok was attacked, according to eyewitness reports in May 1995 by paramilitaries in the service of the Government of Sudan ( the Popular Defence Forces ) who robbed cattle and abducted women and children as slaves.

In May 2008, lived many IDPs in and around Kwajok, who had fled fighting in other parts of the state of Warrap and from the disputed area of Abyei. Added to this were the end of 2010, the eve of the independence referendum in South Sudan, thousands from the northern Sudan returning southern Sudanese.


  • Location in South Sudan
  • Warrap ( state )
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