Kuban Airlines

Kuban Airlines (Russian Авиационные линии Кубани ) was a Russian airline based in Krasnodar and base on the Krasnodar airport.


The airline was founded in 1932 as a division of Aeroflot. In 1992 it was privatized 51 percent held the Krasnodar region and 49 percent considered employees of the airline. In 2004, the Krasnodar Region has sold its share of the Joint Stock Company to the asset holding company Basic Element of Oleg Deripaska oligarchs. Basic Element holding today 80 percent of the Kuban Airlines.

The number of passengers increased by 12.7 per cent to 572 600 passengers on 4,384 flights in 2008. The name of the airline is derived from the traditional name of the Krasnodar region " Kuban " and the river Kuban.

From the spring of 2010 Kuban Airlines received western aircraft types for the first time. The first two Boeing 737-300 ( VQ - BHC identifiers and VQ -BHD ) met in early March 2010 in Krasnodar. They originate from the holdings of bmibaby and received a new colorful paint, which sunflower blossoms shows the tail fin.

In November 2011, Kuban Airlines took over part of the fleet and route network SkyExpress, who had been deprived of the operating license for financial reasons.

On 11 December 2012, the operation was stopped for financial reasons as well as due to new legislation regarding the minimum number of aircraft of a type.


Kuban Airlines operated within Russia Kaliningrad, Kazan, Krasnodar, Moscow - Domodedovo, Vnukovo, Sochi, St. Petersburg and Ufa International were Antalya, Aleppo, Yerevan, Frankfurt, Hanover, Istanbul, Köln / Bonn, Munich and Tel Aviv fly.


As of July 2012 the fleet of Kuban Airlines aircraft consisted of 21 with a mean age of 15.5 years:

  • 3 Airbus A319 -100
  • 4 Boeing 737-300
  • 2 Boeing 737-500
  • 7 Yakovlev Yak -42
  • 5 Yakovlev Yak - 42D