Kuckssee is a municipality in the district of Mecklenburg Lake District Mecklenburg -Vorpommern. It is administered by the Office Penzliner country with headquarters in the city Penzlin.

Geography and transport

The community is located about ten kilometers west of Neubrandenburg town center and bordered to the south by the city of Penzlin. Within the area are among others traversed by Aalbach Malliner lake Zieskensee, the Kuckssee, the Lapitzer lake Wokuhlsee and the salt lake. The 110 -acre nature reserve and Kuckssee Lapitzer Lake is located almost entirely in the community.

Districts are Krukow, Lapitz, Pukhov and Rahn field.


The community Kuckssee was established on January 1, 2012 through the merger of the previously independent municipalities Krukow, Lapitz and Pukhov.

Culture and sights

  • Manor house ( castle ) Krukow
  • Feldsteinkirche in Kruckow
  • Village church in Lapitz
  • Ensemble to the manor with the two gatehouses at the entrance and the Gutspark in Pukhov

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Feldsteinkirche Krukow

Village church Lapitz

Transport links

By Krukow the federal highway 192 runs from Penzlin in the county town of Neubrandenburg. From Penzlin to Pukhov over after Lapitz performs a loop road that continues along Gevezin and Blankenhof to Chemnitz, where she directs the federal road 104 ( Neubrandenburg -Schwerin ). Another road leads from Lapitz Passentin on the main road 192 in Mallin. In Neubrandenburg is rail connection to the east of the city leads to the federal motorway 20