Kuliak languages

The Kuliak languages ​​( sometimes called Rub- languages) - Icetot, Soo and Nyang'i - are or were spoken in small remnant peoples in the mountains north-east Uganda. They are a branch of the Nilo- Saharan languages ​​, probably in their branch of Eastern Sudanese, although linguists around the square in this language family are still discussing. On the Kuliak there was a strong influence by the Cushitic languages ​​, and more recently by the Nilotic languages. This influence is evident in vocabulary and phonology. By Bernd Heine and Christopher Ehret, there are attempts to reconstruct a Proto - Kuliak. Soo and Nyang'i form a subgroup West Kuliak ( Ngangea -Sun) against the Icetot, which is assigned to the East Kuliak. It is believed that Kuliak elements are observable in Oropom if it still exists.

Icetot today is spoken by about 7,000 Ik. The Soo is the people of the Soo (about 4000-10000 ) barely spoken first language is with them today the Karamojong. The Nyang'i is extinct ( also replaced by Karamojong ).

Alternative names of languages ​​:

  • Soo: So, Tepes, Tepeth
  • Nyang'i: Nuangeya, Nyuangia, Nyangiya, Nyangia, Ngangea, Gyangiya, Nyangeya, Ngiangeya, Nipori, Niporen, pores, Ngapore, Upale
  • Icetot: Ik, Icietot, Teuso, Teuth, Ngulak