Kulusuk (Danish: Kap Dan ) is a 280 inhabitants (conditions 2012) scoring settlement near Tasiilaq in East Greenland on the island at the entrance of Ammassalik Ammassalik Fjord.

He is also a central location for the air transport of Iceland, Nuuk and Kangerlussuaq. The Kulusuk Airport ( IATA code KUS ) has a 1200 -meter-long airstrip of sand and volcanic ash and is used by military aircraft. During the summer months there are several times a week a route ( flight time: 2 hours) between Iceland (Reykjavik, City Airport ) and Kulusuk. The flight connection is often used by day visitors for a short visit in Greenland. Between 1959 and 1991, also an American radar station was in Kulusuk. In the vicinity of the airfield on the paved road into the settlement of Kulusuk Kulusuk there is the small hotel with 34 rooms. In Kulusuk there is a supermarket, a post office, a bath and wash house and a church.

The area is known for numerous polar bears that come in the winter on the ice and are hunted by the people and for the famous carving of the Inuit (masks, tupilaks ).

Prior to the establishment of the Commune Sermersooq 2009, the settlement belonged to the municipality Ammassalik.