Kumagaya Station


Chichibu tetsudō

  • Chichibu Main Line


The Kumagaya Station (Japanese熊 谷 駅, -eki Kumagaya ) is located in Kumagaya in Saitama Prefecture. The railway station is an important railway junction.


Kumagaya is served by the following lines:

  • East Japan Railway Company (JR East) JR East Joetsu Shinkansen (上 越 新 干线)
  • JR East Nagano Shinkansen (长野 新 干线)
  • JR East Shonan -Shinjuku Line (湘南 新宿 ライン)
  • JR East Takasaki Line (高崎 线)
  • Chichibu Main Line (秩 父本 线)

The lines run on running lines, partly on the island platforms. The platforms of the Shinkansen trains are not used for other purposes.


In 2006, a daily average of 31.620 people took the JR line.


Opened: ( "Japan Railways "日本 鉄 道, literally) with the Takasaki Line On 28 July 1883, the station of the first private railway company in Japan, Nippon tetsudō was. The Chichibu Line took on 7 October 1901, its operation, the Joetsu Shinkansen has been operating since November 15, 1982.

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